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Handmade Pasta

Dive into the art of fresh pasta making!
Join a party where you will be making many different pasta shapes and ravioli using vintage Italian pasta machines and traditional heritage tool

There will be enough for everyone to enjoy multiple servings after Matteo will finish cooking it.  Your handmade pasta will be served with freshly made-from-scratch salsa di pomodoro, basil pesto or your favorite Italian sauce. 

We will also prepare and eat a delicious Italian dessert together! Overall this is a high-energy engaging cooking experience. 

Throughout the class we can serve wine and prosecco as you enjoy la bella vita!

The Details:

  • Pricing varies depending on a number of options starting at 75€ per guest 
  • Click on “Book An Event” button below and get in touch for a more accurate quote 
  • Event length is about 3.5-4 hours
  • Minimum expense of 700€  for a private event booking

* Ask us about dietary restrictions

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