INSIEME /in’sjɛme/ – TOGETHER we create memorable gastronomic experiences with an authentic Italian spirit

INSIEME is an elegant and intimate culinary studio created by Michelin Star trained Chef Matteo Covacci.

Located in Vilnius, the studio is the perfect space where to host culinary events, private dinners, workshops and pop-ups for up to 20 guests.

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How does it work?

Choose the experience you prefer and create your perfect menu for you and your guests.

Cook with the help of Michelin star trained chef Matteo and discover how exciting, delicious and fun preparing an Italian meal can be!

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About the Chef

Born and raised in Piemonte, Matteo spent ten years working in Michelin Star restaurants, private villas and luxury Hotels learning from some of the best Chefs in Europe.

In 2020 he left fine dining industry going back to his Italian roots and focusing entirely on Italian gastronomy and its rich traditions.
He now organizes engaging workshops, events and classes on Italian gastronomy where he shares his love for conviviality.



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The Studio

The powerful open space kitchen is built so that any chef can creatively express himself, feeling comfortable and relaxed while cooking in front of guests or a camera. 

The back kitchen is fully equipped with professional tools to ensure a smooth service and a comfortable cleaning. 


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